July 13, 2014

The little prince

The Little Prince
Acrylic paint on wall
~ 7 meters x 4 meters.



Unakite Dreaming
Bamboo dreamcatcher with a Unakite pearl, wooden beads and feathers.
Turquoise Triad
3-ring bamboo dreamcatcher with 3 turquoise pearls, wooden beads and feathers.
Tiger eye Winds
Bamboo dreamcatcher with a Tiger eye pearl, wooden beads and feathers.
Jade Dreamer
Bamboo dreamcatcher with 3 Jade pearls, wooden beads, feathers and 2 paper 'trident' flags.
Dreams in Coral
Bamboo dreamcatcher with a Coral pearl, wooden beads and feathers.
Catch the Rose Quartz
Bamboo dreamcatcher with 3 Rose Quartz pearls, wooden beads and feathers.

June 27, 2014

Barefoot sandals

Macrame barefoot sandals (with and without beads) for the summer.

June 09, 2014

Holding Loving Darkness

Extended bracelet with a small Agate cabochon and 2 Unakite pearls.


May 23, 2014

Galactic gift

A simple bracelet commission with amethyst pearl.

Wildest Turq

5 piece combo commission of turquoise and macrame.

Wildest Turq

Extended bracelet with 5 turquoise pearls.
Anklet with 9 turquoise pearls.
Pair of earrings with 24 total turquoise pearls.
Barefoot sandal with 2 turquoise pearls.


Here are 2 of our latest commissions.
Happy customers :)

Smoking Jade
Extended macrame bracelet with 2 Jade pearls.
Wondering Tigers
Pair of macrame barefoot sandals with 2 Tiger Eye pearls each.

May 20, 2014


Macramaniac for those madness lovers.

Macrame bracelet with Coral cabochon 
Macrame bracelet with Turquoise cabochon 
Macrame bracelet with Agate cabochon 
Blue eye
Macrame bracelet with Larimar cabochon 
Macrame bracelet with Nacre shell cabochon 

May 04, 2014

Extended knotting

Extended macrame bracelets. Made with stones, waterproof waxed polyester thread and madness.
Because we enjoy it! :)

Burning Navi
Coral cabochon on macrame.
Darkest Emotion
Agate cabochon and nacre shell cabochon on macrame.

 Humble Flame
Coral cabochon on macrame.
Tiger eye cabochon and capacho seeds on macrame.

Dark Squid
Nacre shell cabochon on macrame.
Pearl in the Shell
Nacre shell cabochon and quartz pearl on macrame.

April 23, 2014

Classy macrame pieces

Blues in the night
Onyx pearl macrame necklace and agatha pendant.
Gypsy caprice
Agatha cabochon macrame necklace and agatha pendant with 18 jasper stones.
Nacre shell cabochon macrame necklace.
Tigress calling
Tiger eye cabochon macrame pendant necklace with 3 tiger eye pearls and 8 tiger eye stones.
Agatha cabochon macrame pendant necklace with 2 tiger eye pearls.

April 10, 2014

Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot Sandals for the barefoot walkers. Adjustable, some reversible, with stones, wooden beads and creative dysfunction.

Reversible macrame, agatha stone and wooden beads.
Field Walker
Macrame and wooden beads.
Macrame and amethyst crystals.
Walking away
Macrame and wooden beads.
Wild tiger
Macrame and Tiger eye stones.
Reversible macrame.
Turquoise Mountain
Macrame and turquoise stones.