Customize Your Madness

        In this page you can choose what kind of Madness you would like manifested and the specifics of this wish of yours. You can choose between a macramé piece, an illustration, a portrait, a painting and/or a mural. You can choose more than one if so you wish, by filling the proper form for each piece. You can also order more than one particular piece by specifying so in the form; just read bellow what each form implies and choose wisely. All pieces are unique and no duplicates will be created, ever. Bulk orders of one piece are limited only to simple macramé pieces and still some restrictions may apply. All pieces have a guarantee specific to their category. Only charcoal illustrations and portraits can be laminated, if available.

        Once I receive your order you will get an email within 48 hours to confirm, clarify or modify as we may see fit or required. When an agreement has been reached a final confirmation email will be sent to you with an ETA and a total budget for the order. If you have submitted several orders you may receive several emails, but chances are they will be all grouped as one large bulk order. Only orders with a maximum 12 hour difference between them will be bulked together. We provide World Wide Shipping so the fees may vary depending on bulk weight and distance. An estimate will be provided in the first email from the artist and then a shipping total by the final quote.

Categories and Forms

--Macramé Pieces: From simple to complex, with or without beads, seeds and/or semiprecious stones. These pieces are guaranteed to last a minimum 10 years of constant use. This includes bracelets, necklaces, belts, head pieces, rings, armlets and barefoot sandals.

Check out the stones available for your macramé piece here.

--Illustrations: Whatever your imagination can portray, we can illustrate, but some level of artistic freedom is required for these pieces. Our style is very different from others thanks to our stroke and we like working in saturated conditions so as to get more details. All will be done in a traditional manner (paper + media) hence no digital enhancements will be used. These can be grayscale, monochromatic or full colored. When grayscale, you can choose between charcoal or water-treated Chinese ink; when mono or full colored you can choose between watercolors, soft pastels or oil pastels. Note that a layer of acrylic paint may be used to cure the paper. These are guaranteed to a minimum of 10 years in framed conditions.

--Portraits: These are regarded as single or multiple portraits, depending on the amount of faces involved. They can be figurative (as close as the real thing as possible) or illustrative (with whatever level of variation). They can include written messages.These are guaranteed to 10 years in framed conditions.

--Paintings: We are NOT working with oil paint at the moment, so all paintings will be in acrylic.

Canvases: These will be tailored to your needs. These are guaranteed to a minimum of 10 years in framed conditions. Murals are done on location and cannot be shipped. Depending on weather conditions and location, the time guarantee may vary.

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