Why we do what we do.

The Mission

Logan Wolf ARTS – The Mission


LoganWolfARTS is where I, Marino Martínez, present my artistic endeavors. It has been my goal to create art that is fresh, different, and yet classic.


I come from a Fine Arts background, but developed my skills while traveling the world and meeting other great artists. I’ve been however been doing crafts from before going to art school (15 years strong on 2019).


  • What I do.


The main activities LWA is known for are:

-Teaching macramé

-Short novels




Secondary activities:

-Murals and paintings

-Attire design and confection

-Fire staff performance

-Decorative crafts


  • How I do it.


I teach in my workshop all the skills I have in the arts of knotting, also known as macramé. I prepare text and tutorial material through PDF’s that I create. Dividing small groups from basic to advanced I share the little knowledge I may have in hopes of growing the community.


The short novels are all written and illustrated by me. They come from concepts that grow little by little until reaching a “full story” status. The process is very much parallel to the illustrative process. Once the story is finished and reviewed, I hire a third party to proofread and spell-check it while I work on finishing the Illustrations and preparing them for scanning or photographing. The third party returns the revised story and I proceed to do all the digital mounting for a proper book, be it printed or digital (kindle or pdf).


When this process is ready, I then upload it to my Author account, the ISNB is generated and the book is available for purchase.


Illustrations start at the sketch table. They are normally associated with the short novels, but are also available for commissions. I work with thick paper and, depending on the format and materials, may or may not laminate the original once finished. Some illustrations are even framed by me as part of their design.


I work with charcoal, chalk, sanguine, oil pastels, acrylic paint, watercolor pencils and gouache.


The handcrafts are, as it name refers, all made by hand, with the exception of stone lapidating and tumbling. Thanks to the materials I use, there is guarantee that they are made to last. The macramé is made with top of the line waxed polyester thread. The dream catchers are made with metal rings and nylon waxed thread. Some dream catchers are made with dried vine, which is perishable, but under the right conditions can be very long lasting. One main ingredient of my crafts is the stones and minerals with which I adorn them. I have a moderate inventory of quality stones for my creations and your commissions.


  • Why I do this.


Making art has been my life for over a decade. Doing beautiful things that will then enchant another person with wow is a dream come true. That’s why I focus on creating quality pieces and stories. By working the handcrafts in a “collection” system that requires me to design, sketch, test and research, I ensure a product that is up to par with the international market of great quality jewelry. By working stories and illustration together it is true that the process becomes longer, but well fed with references, studies of character and graphic style to fit the story and illustrations alike.


  • Legal status of LoganWolfARTS


LoganWolfARTS is the face of Logan Wolf EIRL, legally regarded by the laws of the Dominican Republic and officially registered under the RNC 1-31-95896-6 as a provider for the services and activities above mentioned as of June 17, 2019. I pay my taxes.


If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me at Logan@LoganWolfARTS.com. Alternately, you may mail me at:


Logan Wolf EIRL

Av. Caonabo #61 B202,

11805 Los Restauradores.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.