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Happy Friday y'all. Today I come baring gifts. I want to show you some of the sketches I've been working on for a small novel I wrote back in January. I mentioned it a few posts back. The novel's called "21 Murders" and it's about a guy who, after years of treatment, moves alone to a very small apartment and begins to revisit old blocked trauma through... nightmares. Stay tuned for more on the novel in future days :)

While these are still sketches, I must admit that I am proud of them. Through them I can see some progress and recovery, and that is certainly reassuring.

One last thing! (kind of important, actually) Soon the website will be available in Spanish and in French for all of you #MadnessLovers out there. We hope this helps you navigate the site better. So without more context or delay, here are these 5 crazy frames for today.


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