A refreshing Memory

This is a happy post. It seems I'm taking a liking to blog posting again. It is still not as regular, in terms of updates or creative content, but it is somewhat nice to be writing on my blogs again. I am not a journalist per se. I don't write articles or reviews, but my writings do tell a story, and I do come to you every time with news. So let me tell ya about my little writer's corner.

Back in the late 90's I had a few blogs where I wrote about various things. Some of those public, others personal, and a few confidential, because secrets. It wasn't until 2007 when I finally chose to open one that would be exclusively focused on my writings. Back then, these "writings" were exclusive to my personal notebooks. So this blog would serve as a formal transition to digital.

This was a place were I could just open up about anything and everything. So for a few years I wrote every now and then. Even then I was an inconsistent mess, [sarcasm warning] a great skill to have. Still it was where most of my deepest ideas and weirdest word pairings were done. Cultivated as verbs and adjectives, subjects and objects, these were the healers that held me and kept me alive.

I have chosen to revive this blog for many reasons, but mostly because I am in dire need of such an outlet in my life. It is there where, through prose or rhyme, my will and wonder is painted through spoken images. Carved and burnt into printed words for my mental release and your visual pleasure. Sometimes accompanied by scenes, others by accents, connotations and second guessing. The new aesthetics alone give me peace. Not something I expect to be reflected on all who glance at it, so no pressure there.

Anyway, go check it out! You can find the link up there were it says "About a Madman", or you can just click on this link.

And as I was doing just that, something noticeable caught my attention, and I felt like sharing that with you all today.

You see, when I was young, my tools for the making were manual. Writing was always by hand on stacks of notebooks that I still keep. Drawing was on countless sketchbooks with pen, pencil, markers, fountain pens, anything that could leave a stain... "Crafting was and still is a manual labor and hopefully that won't change" I said to myself, and then glanced at the sewing machine on my desk...

Because that is exactly what has happened. The notebooks became blogs, the sketchbooks became tablets, and while parts of crafting remain manual, some are undoubtedly mechanical and headed towards a digitalized process, maybe. At least that is how it looks right now. And that is certainly something to think about. A change that just slipped in, silently taking over and manifesting continuity with the societal standards.

I still prefer to draw by hand to some extent, but I must confess I have fully switched to writing on computers. Trust me, I tried... Paper is better for drawing on it, it seems. I hope that doesn't happen to my ability to draw, you know, going completely digital. Since the skills acquired up to this point have a more hands-on approach to them. I do love getting dirty and involved when drawing or painting, so it still feels incomplete when tablet-drawing, leaving a slight breeze of hope to hold on to.

It is however a good thing that it happened to my writing, you know, going completely digital. Because it allows for "conversations" like this one... that reminds me. I going to start allowing comments on all, previous and future posts. Those have been off all this time due to mental blockades, but we're tearing those down. Your opinion is well received and everything will be read by me personally. So feel free to give me your opinions and questions on the things you see and read around here.

I am trying to be more out there through my blogs as a way to connect with all of you. Social media has... not worked out greatly to say the least. I wish to be open, honest and reachable, so I have chosen my own network for it. Let #theMadness be a community. It exists for a reason, might as well give it use. So we hope to hear from you on your next visit :).

Until the next one,

Irie Bless!

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