Back from the Dead

Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for your patience and love. I've been away for a few months dealing with a health situation that took over me quite drastically. No, it was not covid, I already went through that last summer... At the moment I am under recovery from a surgical procedure on my broken neck. Long story short, broke my neck while training back in 2017. I survived but it got worst with the years and bad treatment didn't help either.

But now we're finally getting back on our feet, slowly, but surely. And if this past 2020 and what's been of 2021 has shown us something is that we got this. Even through hardships, we work hard to make it through and aiming for a stronger comeback.

As a part of that comeback process, and in honor of the anniversary of this here mad house, we have revamped the home screen a bit and recolored the rest of the website for somewhat better navigation through our gallery. We know this is just a tiny bit after such a hiatus, but we're also working on remodeling our Instagram page for a release sometime this month. And this is just the beginning...

As you may remember, we had been working on our next project, the continuation of the Gaia saga, having re-released Gaia 0 on all platforms. Well, the good news is that the book has been written and slightly edited. I am currently waiting on this recovery period to be over before I begin the illustration process by continuing the storyboard. I have had time however to come up with some interesting ideas and a new book is now on the works as well. It is a compilation of short stories dealing with 3 particular and familiar subjects. Stay tuned for updates on this new project!

We hope this pandemic hasn't been as harsh on you as it has on us, but if so (or worst), know that you are not alone and that we will get through this. Remember to share the madness with your friends and soon we shall return with more news and updates. Irie bless!

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