Expanding the Reach

So, in light of the recent issues with Facebook, I have chosen to reach out to more people by offering my skills as an illustrator and sketch artist on two platforms, Fivver and Upwork. Mostly focused on storyboard making, considering that it's one of the things I do most, and talk about or show the least. For every story I've written, a storyboard has happened. That's how I know which scenes to illustrate. Here are some examples of old storyboards and sketches.

I am however offering these services in digital format only, since the handmade storyboards are more for my personal use, and professionally most clients would prefer digital works since they are also faster to transfer and use.

Many of you have never seen my digital works, So I've chosen to create a new area on the website for such sketches and illustrations. It is still under development at the moment but it will soon be live for you all to enjoy.

I must admit however that I never really saw myself as a digital illustrator. I always felt it was a detachment from form and structure and never really experimented much with it. However the times I did, there was fun to be had.

Since the surgery I have yet to regain most of my fine motor skills, hence why no new macramé has come up and why I have been more focused on the books and illustrations. The tablet, an old forgotten friend, has become an amazing tool and confidant for my creative urges. With that said there is much to be done now that a new creative process is being developed, due to the circumstances. I will not lie, it has been difficult to say the least, but we keep going strong. And we thank all you #MadnessLovers for being there as we break through.

Irie bless!

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