For the love of Madness

Well, good day everyone! Today we've been focused mostly on updating the website, the stone inventory, answering some commission requests and scheduling some posts on social media. Here's some info on that process.

The stones we have in our inventory are imported from several places around the world with the exception of Larimar and Amber, which we get right here in the Dominican Republic. However the information on such stones comes from some very specific sources, specially 2 books that we always keep close: The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian and the Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall.

We also use other books but these two are the main source of information for us, filled with amazing, detailed data about most of the stones in our inventory which makes them very important tools at our workshop.

And well, the inventory itself is looking pretty sharp so far. We've included all the stones we have with the exception of a few personal favorites that are not for sale. Included are cabochons, tumbled, raw, pearl and chip stones, all for use in the various services we provide, like our dreamcatchers, necklaces and other paraphernalia. In that list is also the collection of shells and other sea fossils we have available with the same purpose. We have those in raw conditions, just as they were found, but some of them could use an intervention, maybe for polishing purposes or even for removing certain layers that are sure to peel off eventually, but that's a whole other level... and most of them are there because of their natural beauty and potential, as they are.

We've been publishing these stones one by one each week on our social media and some of them have already been sold and even sold out, because the lovers of theMadness can't resist the charm *wink*, but also because they really like what they see, so we welcome their requests and deliver with beautiful pieces. But we also embrace the orders that come through our "Custom Orders" platform. In this area of our website you can complete the form of the commission you wish for us to fulfill, from macramé to full-blown murals, we communicate with you and reach an agreement about the details of your request and we shall deliver. So don't be shy and tell us your wishes; we'll make them come true.

Social media, as we mentioned earlier, has been helping us move our pieces around and expand the community... after all, that's what social media is for. Follow us on social media so you too can appreciate the madness we share on a daily basis through these links to Facebook and Instagram. You won't be disappointed, specially because we also share the work of other local artists that will certainly catch your eye, since theMadness is a collective affair. Follow our hashtags #laLocura, #laLocuraColectiva and #AmantesdelaLocura to make sure our content always reaches you!

Irie Bless!

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