Hacked beyond recovery

It is with saddened hands that we write this bit of news for you all. The official Facebook account for LWA has been hacked and I no longer have access to either that nor my very own personal account. It is a loss we regret as we have also lost some money in the process. We are working on getting back on our feet after this and hope this doesn't become a problem for any of you either. All links to that account are being purged from the web as I write these words, but it is a long process so we beg you to be patient.

We have concluded not to re-do an account on the platform and have chosen to move forward with the reach we have with hopes of growth and evolution. After a few security changes, we are still available on Instagram, and other accounts have not been compromised, so we are still live.

We thank you for your continued support and hope see you among us for future releases.

Irie bless!

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