Halfway there

Lately life has been a rollercoaster ride for me as I try to get back on my feet with only a fraction of my tools, capabilities and skills, sharp and ready for the challenge. While it has not been easy, it has been enlightening in many ways. Considering that there won't be any macramé pieces coming any time soon, my focus has gone to storytelling and storyboarding.

It is in that mindset that I have published a small scene that represents my current state and the current state of my creative process. This image here is one of the 5 frames I made for the scene. They are meant as a visual metaphor and the text grasps that idea as it guides you through it. I have called it "Halfway there"and you can go read and check out the rest of the illustrations for it on this link to my dark corner.

Note that these are sketches and not "finished" illustrations. And while I certainly don't expect for this to shine a light on any of my activities as of late or even where I am headed to as a brand and such, I hope it does show that I am not over and that there is much to be done. Stay around to check it out!

Irie bless!

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