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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

So, before some great news, I wanted to share with you how our workshop looks. The little spot where we make the madness that y'all love so much.

This is any given day at our office. A large cup of water and a lot of inspiration. Everything we create for you is developed in these tables. The muse works hard on these lands.

And even though I'm just one man, here I design and knot, carve and weave away, as well as catalog and do inventory, to then photograph, edit, publish on the website and store, promote, prepare and engage the social media plans and presence, contact all of you lovers of the madness, keep up with commissions and cosigns, do accounting, pay taxes, make packages, prepare deliveries and finally head to the post to send you the beauties you're patiently waiting for.

And then there's the little shop of wonders, where we showcase the inventory of madness, with the crafts and illustrations of the collections and books that spout out of my insane brain. Very proud of that if I may add. I love how this little area of the workshop is always evolving with the new pieces added, the ever changing space where madness expresses itself to the world.

This could slightly explain why I tend to speak in plural. It's me and my madness in a team of wondrous inspiration and creation. And we love to work for you.

That said, here's some great news. We're Moving!

It so happens that a couple friends/colleagues of mine and I have decided to soon open a cultural center in the colonial zone of our city. A large space where we'll be hosting a whole plethora of cultural acts and events. But specially and most importantly, we'll be a center for the arts during the day. My entire workshop will be moved there, giving the madness a brand new space to expand and develop. This will also be the official location for all our classes and many more classes will be added to the roster (if you wish to see what classes we have to offer now, click here). So be on the lookout for future news on the matter. We (my colleagues and I) are very excited for this next step in path towards madness and hope to see you there with us.

Irie bless!


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