Keeping up with the commissions

Commissions are a big part of what we do here at LWA and we are always stoked by the lovers of the Madness when they deposit their trust in us. Today we're gonna take the time to share their request and show you the results of these commissions.

We published our Amber stones not long ago on our social media and they had a beautiful reception by our customers... all 3 specimens were sold out within the first 24 hours of exposure! This led to some very beautiful pieces and one of those pieces is this sweet necklace. The customer wanted a red neck piece to keep close to his heart but at the same time for it to be somewhat horizontal in its understated design. This was our solution: a minimalist, adjustable and wavy necklace with a darling Amber cabochon.

The same customer then asked about purple energy stones and we offered Amethyst, a spiritually powerful stone but also very medicinal in the physical realm, with an emphasis on releasing unwanted/unneeded energies through a purging process. He fell for the beauty and power that this stone provides and automatically asked for another neck piece to gift to someone very special, with a simple concept in mind and looking to still catch the eye of the curious observer as well as the heart of the giftee. After a detailed conversation, the result was this cute necklace with the strong energies of the Amethyst cabochon.

We spoke about this Citrine specimen on our last update. The weight of this stone was perfect for a necklace and that was exactly what yet another Madness-lover was looking for. The design agreed upon was an elemental one, striving to maintain the stone relevant with a simple pattern to adorn it enough to amplify the relevance itself. With some references in hand we took the challenge with open arms and promptly materialized the design with a strong setting and a balanced pattern. The result was this denuded and beautiful neck piece with a very interesting Citrine cabochon.

Last (but far from least!) comes this awesome, simple and creative design. The customer fell in love with our fiery Carnelian specimen, and asked for a necklace to go with it. However she raised the odds by bringing to the table an amazing tumbled Shungite, wishing to add it to her neck piece. After a couple of sketches and a swell conversation on her wishes for this piece, the result was a dual necklace with a net and a rail, uniting at the top and closing as one. Certainly a pleasure to do, this one particular piece is a favorite among the latest works we've done due to its innovation yet remaining simple. It surely brings out the beauty on both stones involved.

Truly a busy week at our workshop and we have you all to thank. More new things are in the making so stay tuned for the next update where we'll be introducing our stone inventory and other surprises.

Irie bless!

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