Lockdown Blues

Hey there everyone. Logan and the madness here. Today we come with news about pretty much everything. Let's begin.

First of, we want to thank you all for your support during this pandemic. LWA feels your love. And like so, we wish to bring you something good. We've been working mostly on the new book. We are proud to say that the books has been written and it is now under revision. Soon the illustration process will begin and we're very excited about it. This book is somewhat different from all of our other illustrated novels, allow me to explain.

We have just released the 3rd edition of "La Leyenda del Recordatorio de los Dioses" subtitled "Gaia 0". This new edition comes with a new chapter for more insight into the story. It so happens that "Gaia 0" is a story told by someone unaware of all the details and intricacies of it, someone alien to its facts. It is however quite close to the real thing. Understanding the voice of this storyteller is important so you, as the reader, can understand what that implies in the long run. Technically this means that the first and second editions of this book came with 16 chapters and 15 illustrations, where this 3rd version of it comes with 17 chapters.

The new book, which can be called "Gaia 1", revisits this story with a new voice and another level of detail, with much more content and character development. So, even though it includes the story told in "Gaia 0", it expands on it on a substantial level. But that is not all! It continues the story and so far it clocks at 32 chapters and about 800+ pages of adventure and madness.

It will have many, and I mean Many, more illustrations than Gaia 0 and it will certainly capture your attention with the vast universe that it comprises. We're really hopeful for this project and soon we will bring you more updates on it. But for now, it is our pleasure to share with you the name of the new book: "Gaia y los Templos Estelares" subtitled "Rudimento y Éxodo". We know, another long name, it's a thing.

As a secondary thing, we have reactivated the writers' blog from back in the day and hope to write more often there than we do here... But all jokes aside, we will be using that blog for everything book related and any other writings we feel like sharing with you. It is still filled with some really old stuff from 2007 to 2013, so you can still check those oldies out, as we create new content for you all. Here's the link so you can pop in for a visit : DysfunctionalRhyme.blogspot.com

On the subject of the crafts, it has been a while since we throw a few knots, but that will soon change. Not only will we be opening the commissions once again in the next few months, but we're already designing the new collection. We've been planning many things for the future and hope to find you on the road. In the meantime, stay safe, stay grand and keep the madness alive! #laLocura #theMadness

Irie bless!

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