Madness in 2019

So we begin the new year with a new website. Now more user friendly, with less text and a more visual approach of the madness.

And because we don't know how to vacation, we keep busy, even when supposed to relax... New projects are already being planned and will be sprouting very soon. So stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime...

We do wish to thank all of you for the support during 2018. It was a year full of successful projects and endeavors. Thanks to you we didn't starve hahaha, just kidding, but for real, thank you for choosing LWA for your madness manifestations. All your commissions kept us busy and working throughout the last 12 months and we hope to have you and your friends come back this new year with more ideas and madness.

For this year we already have a few projects in agenda and we keep adding more and more sweets to the mix. You are totally invited to live this process with us. So with open arms we welcome this "nouveau cycle" and may the madness begin!

Irie bless!

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