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Hey there everyone. We know there's been a silence on our side for the past few months. Us at #theMadness have been working on new things and will be sharing one of those below. However this situation with Covid-19 has been rather intense. Many of your orders were sent delayed and though we were lucky not to have to cancel any order, we have not taken any new orders since early march when all this began to resonate. In any case, we'd like to assure you all that everything is fine on our end. We are safe and healthy and we keep working to stay that way. One of our main plans for this year was to move the workshop permanently to El Portal Ecosistema Cultural, located in the Colonial side of Santo Domingo. It is easy to see how that was posponed, but still in our line of sight. So do expect news on that somewhere in the next few months, if so the universe allows.

So like Suyukai on this picture, we chose to meditate during this period and inspiration came along.

Something big we've been working on though is our new book. You may have noticed that our illustrated novel "La Leyenda del Recordatorio de los Dioses" is no longer available for new-print nor kindle purchase on Amazon and only available through 3rd parties. That is because we have finally (thanks mostly to the quarantine) found time to not only continue the story but expand on this first story as well.

This first book was intended as an introduction to the Gaia Universe, were this version of earth is set. Bringing about new concepts and new versions of what we know as history. But it was, for the most part, incomplete. That is why we refer to it as "Book 0" so to imply that "now" is when this whole story begins.

From your opinions we know you liked the first book but found it rather short and many even felt they were left without a true conclusion. This was on purpose. If that first book caused curiosity and a genuine wish for more, it was our duty to deliver (although it was meant to be written this way eventually anyway :p). And so here we are.

For more information on "La Leyenda" and its illustrations, click here.

The new book will include the 16 chapters of the first one, extended to more than a 300% of its original content, plus almost double the chapters of new content. Once finished and illustrated, we could foresee this new book be at least 4 and half times bigger than the first one in terms of lore, active content, world development and character depth.

It is in our pleasure and on this note, to say that we are very close to the final chapters and soon will begin production of the illustrations. Once that is at hand, we'll see about documenting the process. We hope you'll be patient with us as we work this out and stay tuned for more to come! In the meantime, stay home, stay safe and let #theMadness stay.

Irie Bless!

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