Nature Relics, complete.

So after a long process, we have completed the Autumn collection with 28 pieces total. Already 2 of those pieces have left the building with a pair of true madness lovers, but here we present to you the 26 remaining neck pieces of this insane collection. These macramé necklaces are now available in our online store and have a total of 20% off until January 1st, 2019.

Nature's Beauty, Agate slice

Trapped, raw Green Kyanite tip

Pan in the Way, raw Fluorite

Ancient Relic, raw Larimar and Larimar pearl

Pending Lab, Labradorite cabochon

Shamanic Relic, raw Blue Kyanite tip and Coral cabochon

Darkest Night, tumbled Onix

Shard of the Sprout, raw Quartz tip

Darkest Hour, Onyx tip

Vined Atlantis, Larimar cabochon and triangular tip

Underground Jewel, Banded Onyx with Amethyst cabochon

Warrior, raw Larimar

Naturally Turquoise, Turquoise cabochon

Blues of the Night, Sodalite tip

Noon Moon, White Moonstone tip and Crystal pearls

Chrysalis Freed, raw Crystal Quartz and faceted Amethyst pearl

Mother Spirit, raw Larimar and Larimar pearl

Beauty in the Bush, Larimar triangular tip

Vines in the Sand, Picture Jasper cabochon and Unakite pearls

Charm of the Elder, Unakite tip

Saved by the Vine, raw Blue Kyanite tip

Medallion, Rainbow Obsidian cabochon, Chrysocolla pearls and Jade pearls

Inner Domain, raw Green Kyanite tips

Entangled Storm, Seraphinite cabochon

Atlantis Forgotten, Larimar tip

Entangled Crystal, raw Crystal Quartz

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