New stones!

A new stone shipment just arrived at the workshop from India and we are like a kid on his birthday! So here we are sharing with you these new additions to the inventory.

First let me show you this Black Obsidian arrowhead! This beautiful specimen is hand carved and has a beautiful shine to it. It certainly is a great add. Its vibrational energies focus on cleansing the aura and protecting from negative energies. I can't wait to see what this ends up as.

Two more arrowheads arrived in the package, a Clear Quartz and a Rose Quartz. Both very beautiful and powerful, so be sure to check out our stone inventory for more!

Then we have these amazing Raw Quartz tips. They still have sediment from the mine they were taken from. It's really beautiful to the eye and adds a certain personality to each specimen. We received 400 grams of clear and another 100 of raw and very dark Smoky Quartz.

I think I'll be using them little by little and we'll see about commissions with them. Since they're so random in cuts and so raw in termination, they will certainly stand out.

But the most amazing addition of them all are these 10 Clear Quartz Lingams. Lingam refers to the shape directly related to the hindu god Shiva and are said to have a strong relationship with the energies Shiva represents. Add that to the qualities of Clear Quartz and you get these beauties.

Also with them came a batch of tumbled Lemon Quartz. Ten breathtaking specimens, so soothing to the eye, with a beautiful color and transparency, yet so energetically charged that it is really a crazy experience just to hold them, imagine wearing them; Insane.

These are all available as of now in our inventory so feel free to browse and surely you'll find the stone that's right for you!

Until next time,

Irie Bless!

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