From another dimension!

Now we have the opportunity to let you know the latest updates directly on the site. Finally we can give you proper feedback on the newest madness and the such, so let us get to it!

Where's the new stuff?

We are currently working on a new set of pieces that will come out by October this year, focused on the autumn motif with the use of tubular patterns and organic free-line. We have many stones set for that beautiful journey we know will please you when it's done.

About those stones...

Soon we will be opening the Stone Inventory on our site so you can finally choose the stones you wish for your macramé pieces and dreamcatchers.

This inventory comes with a brief description of the stone in question and a price for it so you know what you're getting. We also included shells and other sea fossils to the list for more madness!

So what else is new?

Well, we've been busy doing several commissions and it's been fun responding to your requests. Our doors are always open for your crazy ideas and it's our pleasure to make your ideas come true.

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