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Monday is not really the start of the week for us. When we think about it, it feels like a week that started years ago and never really ended, because we work on the weekends, we work on holidays, we work on our days off (self-inflicted days off, for what is worth), and the best part of it is that we love every second. We never really get tired of working since, for us, it doesn't feel like work, really. Here's an update on that passion:

About the stone inventory, which is our newest challenge and baby-in-the-making type project. Well, we've practically finished. The next step is proofreading the descriptions, reviewing content and confirming the level of completion. This is great because we've been on this for quite some time and, once we're done, we can finally focus our energy on other projects.

Among the things we'd like to put our energy into is the autumn collection we've been working on since early last month. We've been busy designing and sketching, putting stones aside and confirming useful patterns for the new pieces. It's amazing the amount of ideas and the many tools we have to fulfill them. We're particularly excited to see the results because, for many years, we've been doing a lot of regular patterns and we're dedicating time to do what we love the most: Tubulars and Freeline!

Some pieces will be added to the collection as a "special appearance" but most of the pieces will be brand new and, like always, original and unique.

This is going to be insane!

In the meantime we're working on some commissions, because we always have time to satisfy your Madness. At the moment we're working on a few quick ones and have more lined up that will surely take longer. If there's one thing we love is having our customers bring their ideas and giving us the opportunity to fulfill their wishes and dreams. Right now, among the pieces we have scheduled, there's a necklace to be done with our customer's stone and we're pretty excited about it. This is a beautiful Citrine specimen and we just wanted to share it with you all. It should take no time to finish, and once it is done, we'll be glad to share it.

Until next time,

Irie bless!

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