Oh! So Much MADNESS!

Hello you #MadnessLovers! May #theMadness be with you. I bring you once again, updates on everything happening at the Wolf Den.

How do you like the new intro? I'm thinking about keeping it. The Wolf Den is how I refer to my workshop and working areas. Where the Madness is cooked for you.

Anyway! Into the good stuff we go!

So much new stuff for your enjoyment. On social media we (the small team) have focused our energy on Instagram, as we revisit all the items that are still in inventory. A new format has been applied and we're working on knitting that fabric for your appreciation. We're also working on bringing the Madness to Youtube, and we've started preparing the material for it.

Our website has been live for a couple weeks, showing off a new design, logo, but most importantly our new Legacy section with most of the old school madness we've been making for you in the past decade or so. In there, you can browse through old works, from illustrations to crafts to clothing. After putting all that together I must admit, I must truly be insane to dwell in so many worlds.

But having said that, I also have to face the facts... I love new challenges, even halfway crippled as I may be, nothing better than a challenge.

That brings us to the next item in the agenda: Ookami!

The Web-Comic has a release schedule set. We'll be sharing this adventure with you chapter-by-chapter. Volume 1 - Chapter 1 will be released on August 31, and from there, every other chapter will be released on a monthly basis, at least for what's left of the year.

I can confidently say that this is turning out pretty cool. So much so that I think of it like another book in my library. I've enjoyed writing the script, editing and diagraming each page. I'm certain you will enjoy it, too.

Closer to the date, I'll be releasing some frames for the hype train. If you wish to stay up to date, just visit this link and click the "Get Notified" button.

There you can also enjoy the tracks of the already released album, "The Traveler", and check out the covers for the first four volumes to come.

Since I already asked you to go and make sure you are notified of the release of the web-comic, allow me to go a bit crazier and invite you to join this community of Madness Lovers. Sign up down below or join our mailing list for all the crazy news that we bring to you in a rather irregular delivery.

If you sign up, you can leave your comments on every blog post I make, and get notified of special offers or special events in our little shop. This website is my home on the web, and it would be greatly appreciated if you joined our small and loving community.

There are many more sweet treats coming your way, so stay tuned!

Irie Bless!

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