The Drive

As you may know, one of our biggest drives when working is precisely working for all of you. The beauty of the commissions we get from you is your point of view. Being able to see things from a different perspective and then adding some madness into the mix, leads to some very interesting and pleasing results. Here are a few more of the newest commissions from these past couple of weeks.

This first commission came to us from a returning customer. She wanted a deeper connection to nature and we added the intuitive powers of the madness... that emanates from the beautiful Azurite cabochon in it. Truly a beautiful piece.

This particular necklace resonates due to it being very similar and in tune with what our next collection will be. It comes out in october and it involves a lot of macramé in the form of freeline and tubulars.

So, consider this piece the latest example of what's to come, a preview of the levels of madness involved.

Following the tubular ideas of what's to come, this here commission, a tubular bracelet with yellow and green beads. Not particularly hard or complex, this bracelet is meant to withstand the harshness of time, in the hands of a surfer. We are certain it will.

We will include many bracelets on our new collection and they will be closely related to works like this one, but with much more madness.

Next is this necklace with a beautiful Chrysocolla cabochon and 2 Tiger Eye pearls. With a simple design it is able to captivate; it stands with empowerment thanks to the combined energies of these 2 very powerful stones. While the Chrysocolla helps the communication with our inner voice, Tiger Eye aids in grounding us mentally and emotionally so to achieve effective action.

And last but never least, this piece was commissioned by Hip Hop Artist and friend Acentoh for his upcoming video. Entirely made of wooden beads and thread, this triple necklace is a one-piece-wonder that fully displays the madness thanks to its combinations and patterns. Each strand simple in it self yet a complex necklace all together, capturing the essence and concept for which it was used. Just wait for the release and you shall see!

We hope to keep receiving all your commissions and to be able to connect the madness with your wishes and dreams. We may do very cool and random pieces on our own accords, but it is when you, Lovers of the Madness, get involved in the process of making that this becomes a fun endeavor. We love the ideas you bring to our table and there is nothing more rewarding than your smile when receiving one of our pieces. So let it be known that we are thanks to all of you!

Irie bless!

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