The Inventory

Finally the Stone Inventory is live on site! Let's go over how it works and what's in it. The stones in the inventory are for artisanal use only. No stone is sold alone, under no circumstance. You are free to choose the stone of your liking yet you must also choose how would you like it presented (necklace, dreamcatcher, bracelet, reconstitution, etc) by filling up the correct form in the Custom Orders department of LWA.

Cabochons are the flattened, double convex or combined flat/convex finishes of polished stones. We have 63 specimens of cabochon stones, all of which have a brief description of the stones' qualities and price. Some have only one available, others many more, and some even have varieties of the one stone family.

These are certainly a client-favorite, considering most of our commissioned pieces happen to be done to embellish a cabochon. They also provide an unbeatable canvas to work with, in regards of design complexities, making them great for any kind of piece, be it macramé or dreamcatcher.

Tumbled stones are those who've been sand drummed to the point of polish. These could be man-made with tumblers or naturally polished by rivers, seas and oceans. Either process will most likely provide a stone that will be polished to certain levels, but will most likely have no particular pattern or shape, making each one a unique stone with a rather strong individuality to it.

These beauties are normally used as pendants and hung from necks, dreadlocks, dreamcatchers, ears and other decorative items. They are very versatile in application and open to pretty much any type of purpose.

Tips are stone cuts meant to have a tip-like form, either geometric, organic, natural or man-made. Probably the least abundant of the list, these stones provide almost the same potential as the prior mentioned, making the creative search more complex, but at the same time well defined.

Among the most common uses for these stones is, but not limited to, the pendant necklace. It has been used to decor dreadlocks, on dreamcatchers, on wall hangers, on energy pendants, and, in some risky cases, on bracelets and more.

Pieced pearls, chips and beads are used for decorative purposes within a piece in particular and not regularly used as a centerpiece or the focus point, but that does not close the door to that option. Pearls are ball-like, pierced and polished stone cuts, mostly smooth, a few others faceted, all perfect for any project or piece.

The price on these is based on the amount of pearls used; the more the merrier.

Raw stones are exactly that. These, depending on the stone, can be used for reconstitution, pendants, dreamcatcher decor or centerpieces. Reconstitution refers to the process of turning stone to "powder" and then re-solidifying the stone on another surface. We normally do it on coconut seed.

Some of these raw stones are better for some processes, others work fine however you'd like them, while others are only good for one purpose. Don't be afraid to contact us with your questions about our stones.

Sea fossils are basically shells, coral and other organic minerals collected from beaches, rivers and lakesides. They are organized by shape, size, texture and color. These can be used for various pieces, very much depending on the type of fossil and in some cases they can even be modified, as in carved or polished. From necklaces, bracelets and headbands to dreamcatchers, wind chimes and wall hangers, so much can be done with them that the possibilities are endless.

So now that the inventory is live on our site, we hope you all can enjoy our stock and your own personal madness manifested in them through their beauty and energy.

Irie bless!

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