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I've been quite absent recently due to medical matters. But I have not been idle. Sadly I have not been able to recover my fine motor skills yet so the macramé side of the madness is still on a hiatus. But to balance things out, I have been working on new stories. I have finished writing a short novel and a short stories book.

The short novel is called "21 Murders" and I'm currently working on the storyboard for it. It is a sort of psychological horror themed story. It revolves around a man who was recently released from a mental institution to be reinstated into society. It deals with several mental health issues and seeks to humanize these situations, to bring some sort of awareness to the matter. The image is a depiction of the apartment where this man moves into, after leaving the institution.

The short stories book is called "7531" and it has 8 stories with a very thin line connecting them. These stories are somewhat varied in theme, yet all deal with some form of karmic twist. It won't be obvious at first, but once you reach the last story, all pieces will have fallen into place. It might leave you hanging, with unquestioned answers and unanswered questions, or it might turn your world upside down, but it will be a fun ride.

Parallel to this, the Gaia series keeps advancing. A slow process if you ask me, all for the greater result. I won't spoil you with too many details, but I will tell you that the character creation process for Gaia 1 is quite advanced. This will allow me to work on the sketches for the illustrations with more confidence and purpose.

I have noticed there's been some movement around here lately, so I'll try to be more active with more updates. Once I have more proper images to share, I shall.

Irie bless!

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