Traveling around

While still under recovery, I have found an alternative way to maintain the creative muscles flowing. Since I couldn't do much while on this process, I found myself playing video games for long periods of time. One game in particular gave me the opportunity to really flex those creative muscles and ended up making an entire 12-song 8-bit music album under the pseudonym "Ookami". The album's called "the Traveler" and it's now live and available everywhere like bandcamp, spotify, deezer, apple music, amazon music, and many other platforms.

You may be wondering "8-bit music? Where did that come from?". And you wouldn't be wrong to question it. But one of my many passions is music. I played guitar, bass and even sang back in my younger days. Nowadays music is still a big part of my life, and it so happens that this video game just gave me a new instrument to play with, leading to this craziness. The 12 tracks are inspired in the game itself and the game-loops it offers in terms of immersion.

If you're interested in the game itself, it's called "No Man's Sky" by British developers "Hello Games". Up next I'll share some of the artwork for the album. All pictures taken in-game. I hope you like the pictures and enjoy the music!

Irie Bless!

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