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The little things that happen in the background. Things you normally don't get to see, now available for your viewing pleasure. Not EVERYTHING is here, but a very large portion of that pie. I hope you enjoy and laugh with me at the crazy ways art can be manifested. Note: The things I share here are unfinished works and there may be sketches for not yet published works, so spoiler alert.


A bunch of doodles and weird drawings from past and present. These show the playful way in which my mind decides to create at times. Some of them are concept arts for what later became finalized works, but still most are just me acting a fool with a pencil. And if you ask me, that is the best part of them... that level of freedom is unique.

Other Scenes and Character Sketches

I just think of these as brainstorm sketches. Some have taken form over time and can not be considered just sketches. Some of these are from unpublished stories of mine.