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Accepting the Infinite

Ookami, The Comic

Follow the path through unknown worlds with the survivors of the Ookami Clan. For now enjoy the first volume, with 6 full length chapters. Wait for the next volume to be released soon!

Volume 1 - Ookami and the New Dawn

Waking up after crash-landing on an unknown world, Ou finds himself facing a different reality. One that is much more aggressive than his prior life. He sees the remains of the freighter and wonders if anyone else was as lucky as him. He fears the worst but must hope for solace in this cold moon of despair.

(Best viewed on a computer)

Ookami and the New Dawn

Second Chapter - Gut Following

First Chapter - Forced Landing

Third Chapter - Against All Odds

Fourth Chapter - Fallen Hope

Fifth Chapter - Across the Glass

Sixth Chapter - A Way Out

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