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Frequently Asked Questions

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A list of the most common doubts among all you #MadnessLovers. If your questions are not answered here, you can always send me a private message with your queries, as noted below.

  •   Who is this madman I'm ordering from?

I'm Logan. I'm a simple guy with complex thoughts. I've been doing this for almost two decades in a professional manner. What I do I call "theMadness", and it represents the crazy ideas that, after a thorough process of selection, become pieces of art in the form of stories, images, relics and sounds for your enjoyment.

  •   What kind of madness do you offer?

That's an interesting list, because I...

  • write novels and illustrate them in different media.

  • design and create macramé jewelry with semiprecious stones and crystals.

  • patch together fabric to create interesting and refreshing fashion.

  • make illustrations, portraits and murals on commission.

  • create artisanal solutions to beautify interiors and for practical uses.

  • draw storyboards for books and audiovisual projects.

  • have a web-comic accompanied by 8-bit music created through an unconventional meta-verse.


As you can see, there is a lot to digest, and this is the product of years of being seduced by #theMadness. Are you seduced yet?

  •   How can I buy your madness?

Here's a nice list of market places for you to choose.

  • the Official Store: If you're looking for the crazy things I do, you can always refer to where the original illustrations and crafts are always available first.

  • Illustrated Stories: Each book and novel page has links to all the locations where you can purchase a kindle or paperback version of it. We're talking Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell's, Indie Bound, Hudson Booksellers, and many more.

  • Ookami: For the music, you can always purchase our albums right here on our website, but you can listen and purchase our music from Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music aka iTunes, Amazon Music, and others.

  • Prints: These can range from mugs to hoodies, stickers to high quality prints of our illustrations. You can find them in our store under Print on Demand.

  •   Who makes your prints?

The people at are a worldwide print fulfillment team. They work with thousands of brands and creators, and provide quality products for their customers. With a growing catalog of over 300 products, you can bet theMadness is ready to offer more to you very soon.

  •   Can I get a Customized item?

You sure can. Go to our Services page, and fill the form all the way down, detailing what you wish to have done and I'll send you a quote for your project. Remember to visit the Stone Inventory if you still haven't found a stone for your piece.

  •   Can I make a Custom order for something that you don't offer but it's art related?

Asking is Free :) Send me a message through this Contact form.


  •   When and how will I receive my order?

Depending on what you ordered, the ETA may vary. If I'm the one managing shipping and handling, then it's a matter of how far are you from me, so it could be anywhere from same day delivery to 20 business days. I use certified mail for all my deliveries. If you have an urgency with your order, hit me up and we can find solutions together for your particular situation.

Custom orders have the sole caveat that the piece in question needs to be made, so all shipping and handling issues will be dealt with once it is ready.

The handling for finished pieces, whether custom or otherwise, is done by me. Custom packaging is created from scratch for all my craft pieces. The original illustrations are sent rolled on packaging tubes unless they already have a custom frame.

All third parties for physical goods, like Amazon, Printful, etc, have their respective ways of shipping and handling. For more information you can refer to the third party in question's Shipping and Handling policies.

Digital goods are provided per platform. It is customary that digital goods are provided immediately, but delays may occur due to various issues such as connectivity.

For more on the policies, visit our Shipping Policy page.

  •   How can I pay for my Custom Order?

Once the client makes an order through the provided methods, I will confirm the information with said client and a payment method will be agreed upon. No custom piece will be started before a 50% payment is received. That is to verify the payment method and to provide capital for the piece in question. Three payment methods are available for custom orders:

  • Cash: Requieres client to commit to pickup the piece once it is ready.

  • Bank Transfer: The client will be sent an email with a bank account number where the transfer must be made.

  • PayPal: The client will receive an email with a PayPal Button to click on and make the payment with credit card, debit card or PayPal transfer.

I can and will decline an order if payment is not received. Upon the 3rd payment notice, the order will be automatically canceled. After payment is received, a receipt will be sent to client through email within the following 24 hours.

  •   Can I cancel my Custom order?

Cancelations are possible but a fee will be charged depending on when.

  • 48 hours have passed since the order was made: 15% penalty.

  • 3 Days or less before due date: 30% penalty.

  • Due date before preview is sent to client: 60% penalty.

  • Once the preview is sent to client: 80% penalty.


To cancel your order, send an email to explaining why you wish to cancel and an email from me will be sent within 24 hours with details on cancelation. If a penalty is aplicable, an new invoice or receipt will be sent with penalty and the reimbursement details, if aplicable. No returns on custom items. For more information on the policies visit our Returns and Refunds Policy page.

  •   My question is not here, What can I do?

You can always contact me directly though the Contact form on this very website, write to me at if your question is "a complex one", or through my various social media outlets such as Instagram. I'm always here for all you #MadnessLovers and your mad ideas, ready to make them real. I am, of course, only human...

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