A different kind of madness... A web-comic based on a meta multi verse filled with infinite possibilities, a story of rediscovery and change, and a soundtrack to accompany your journey. You can hear all that madness right here or on Bandcamp and Youtube.

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1. The Traveler

Genre: 8-bit, Electronica.

Producer: Logan Wolf.

Release date: September 2020.

Cover art and Booklet: Logan Wolf.

Twelve tracks of intricate madness, with emotion, excitement, enthusiasm and so much more for you to feel. Inspired by the wonders found throughout the journey and the experience of trying things for the first time.

Auditory gratification and the one case of serendipity your life needed.

Ou is a genius. Certainly one of the brightest minds of his planet Zion, besides being one of the oldest.


Beyond the political disparities of his people and the constant conflicts that littered their existence, he was focused on the expansion of the mind and the constant improvement of their technological achievements.

While in this path, he discovered the fragility of the star in their solar system. For decades he worked on evacuating the planet to other solar systems where they could be spared the death of their sun.

But the universe had other plans...


Reports came from all over the planet, all with disturbing data. Ou then realized that the star would go supernova much sooner than expected. A few weeks later, a giant fleet of capital ships was ready to launch all hyperdrives towards the unknown, when out of nowhere, against all forecasts and calculations, a white light swallowed everything within the solar system.

Woken up by the cold winds of the frozen tundra and among the rubble of the crashed freighter, Ou looked at this weird place with questions that he had no answers for...

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Currently working on:

Infinity is a Curse.

Estimated time of release: DEC 2022.

Ookami Volume 1 - Chapter 1.

Estimated time of release: AUG 2022.

Content created on Hello Games' "No Man's Sky" on a Sony Playstation 4. All rights reserved to their respective owners. All original content created by Logan Wolf and all rights are reserved to LoganWolfARTS and its affiliates.


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