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Logan Marino Wolf, studying the books to maintain the knowledge.

Logan M. Wolf

Born in Madrid, Spain

Lives & works in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


"The journey is to wander the world and expand the mind, heart and soul within the arts."

His formal education includes Fine Arts in general, a Drawing & Illustration master, a black belt in Aikido, and he is certified in International Cuisine. However, his passion truly flourished while learning from colleagues and mentors throughout Europe and South America as a wandering freelancer. 

Now he is somewhere in the world, with over 15 years of experience in the art of creation, still absorbing and sharing the love for it in his work.


  • ​-Aikido Black Belt, Shugyo Shin Dojo. 2008-2018

  • ​-International Cuisine, A&B Masters. 2016-2017

  • -Drawing and Illustration, IUNA. 2011-2012

  • -Foundation, Altos de Chavon. 2008-2009

  • -Art Studies, Altos de Chavon. 2006-2008

  • -Telematic Engineering (inconclusive), PUCMM. 2004-2006

  • -French Literature, Lycee Saint Denis, 2003-2004

Shows and Exhibits

This is a list of selected events, not meant to represent all the work done since 2008, when LWA was first founded.


  • CABARETE MUSIC & ARTS FEST Mural show @Playa Cabarete RD, NOV.

  • RENACER JARAGUA Mural show @Hotel Marriott-Jaragua Santo Domingo RD, MAR.


  • GARAGE SALE III Bazaar and Crafts Show @Santo Domingo RD, FEB.


  • SUNDAY'S @THE PARK IV Group Exhibit and Crafts Show @Parque Mirador Sur, Santo Domingo RD, NOV.

  • EXPOMUSICINK Group Exhibit and Crafts Show @Santuario Studios, Santo Domingo RD, NOV.

  • HALLOWEEN BASH Crafts Show @Cimarron Bar, Santo Domingo RD, OCT.

  • ANIMELOWEEN Crafts Show @Hard Rock Cafe Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo RD, OCT.

  • NATURAL MYSTIQUE Group Exhibit and Book Release @L'Alliance Française Saint Domingue, Santo Domingo RD, JUL-AUG.

  • EXPOMUSICINK Group Exhibit and Crafts Show @CinemaCafé, Santo Domingo RD, JUN.

  • ETERNIA BAZAR PARA LAS MADRES Group Exhibit and Crafts Show @Eternia Plaza, Santiago RD, MAY.

  • CONSTANT CRAFTS Group Exhibit and Crafts Show @La Aldea-Ecológica La Casa Verde, La Vega RD, APR'12-APR'13.


  • LA REGUERA BAZART Live Painting and Crafts Group Show @La Espiral, Santo Domingo RD, DEC.

  • EARTH WALL Mural @La Aldea-Ecológica La Casa Verde, La Vega RD, NOV.

  • SICK SPACE Mural @Martínez's Residence, Santo Domingo RD. OCT.

  • SERBIAN TECHNO MAFIA PARTY Live Painting and Crafts Show @Moca RD, OCT.

  • THE LEGEND + ZION WALL Solo Exhibit @Livity Studios, Buenos Aires AR, APR.

  • JAM SESSIONS Live Painting @El Emergente Bar, Buenos Aires AR, JAN.


  • SKAVIDAD Live Painting @UBA, Buenos Aires AR, DEC.

  • THE LEGEND Solo Exhibit @Vamospanish Academy, Buenos Aires AR, NOV.

  • LET HER WALK Mural @Breitman's Residence, Buenos Aires AR, SEP.

  • THE LEGEND Solo Exhibit @Parque Belgrano, Buenos Aires AR, JUL.

  • MILITANTES y KARBAMACEPINA Live Painting @Buenos Aires AR, MAY.

  • 20PE Group Exhibit and Live Painting @Buenos Aires AR, FEB.


  • PINTA PINTAR SEXTO CULTURAL Group Exhibit, Live Painting and Poetry Reading @Buenos Aires AR, NOV.

  • THE LEGEND Solo Exhibit and Book Release @Teatro Guloya, Santo Domingo RD, AUG.

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