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The Path of Time

Updated: 2 days ago

Since I arrived from Japan, things have been hectic. A lot of madness in the works that I will soon be sharing with you all. I still wish to share just a bit of what is going on right now.

First off, June 6, Ookami and the New Dawn was bound to come out as a hard cover graphic novel, printed on beautiful quality full color glossy paper. But Amazon decided to delay the release, so when it does come out, y'all will be the first to know.

The work with my editor has gone pretty far, and I've done two new illustrations for the re-publishing of Gaia 0.

I have the new collection of necklaces on hold but soon will retake the threads and knots.

I'm also working on the illustrations for a short stories book coming out in October.

So, as you can see, I've been really busy. But as I ride this wave, I'm here to share the illustrations created during the Fusion Japan 2024 Residency.

This is called "Jikan no Michi wa Sentakudearu", meaning "The Path of Time is a Choice". It is a 4-part illustration that visits the view of the city of Kaga from afar. It depicts the Past, the Present and 2 possible futures, a Dystopia and a Utopia. These are done in charcoal on white paper. Enjoy!

Irie Bless!

jikan no michi wa sentakudearu

Jikan no Michi wa Sentakudearu


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