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Long overdue news update

Welcome to this Holiday Extravaganza!

For the past 8 months I've been silently working on my next projects. It has been a long period of hard work and dedication towards the goal in sight. Today I can gladly share where these projects stand, and it's a pleasure to claim solid ground. So here's your news update.

Twenty-One Murders cover
Twenty-One Murders cover

With great pride I hereby announce that the Holiday season will see the official independent release of my newest short novel "Twenty-One Murders" (get it now Here!). A psychological suspense story with an interesting approach to storytelling. It deals with issues such as mental health and self discovery, and leaves the reader with interesting questions about the reality of life. I hope y'all can appreciate the madness within this project and embrace the journey with its main character. Can't wait to read your feedback! You can also check out the illustrations here.

Regarding the other projects, I am still trying to figure out how to bypass some restrictions in order to publish one of my most creative books so far, or so I'd like to believe. A poetry compilation with a very unique take on presentation. My hope is to be able to release it by February 2024, but if the odds wind up being to complex, be ready for a double feature.

Then there's also a hardcover print version of the entire Volume One of the Ookami webcomic. All six chapters in one beautiful graphic novel, very much dressed to impress. That one is coming out Summer 2024. With regards of Volume 2 of the Ookami webcomic, after a technical issue with one of the external ssd's that resulted in the loss of a lot of work, this particular project remains on the back burner. I was pushed way back by that mishap, and now I need to practically start over from scratch. The third album is even further away. Still both projects remain in my to-do list, so worry not, their time will come.

Lastly around the final quarter of the year we'll have the release of "7531", the cherry. A book with 8 short stories that play very deeply with the concepts of Death, Life and Acceptance. This one's an interesting project for me. It is the first time I use AI as a reference tool for the illustrations, and it has shown promissing results. Out of fear of spoiling anything, I will keep the details, but do know that, well, this one's a doozy!

In any case, though you may hear a silence or see a long hiatus, know that I'm always here, always working towards the next projects, may they be literary and/or artisanal. So thank you for your patience and love. It is very much appreciated.

'Til next time, and here's to hoping that it doesn't take forever for me to give you another update :p Enjoy the festivities and remember that there is always room for love.

Irie bless!

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