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New Collections!

Updated: Feb 28

So, as promised, here are the news about the new collections being worked on. For the past couple of months, a lot of design work has been done here at theMadness. While I'm still working on the rest of the collections, three of them are ready to be shared. You can check them out with more detail at the Portfolio area of the website, or at the Store. But here's the TLDR on them.

In the vines

In the Vines

These 5 pieces are inspired (like most of my work) by nature and its grasp on our reality. The stones are (from left to right) Sodalite, Prehnite, Malachite, Lepidolite and Picture Jasper. The common element in their design is the single vine going around each stone with a couple green leafs, meant to represent that side of nature that is always around us. The next element they share is how each pendant is connected to the neck-string, using a spiral pattern, sharing the color of the stones themselves.



This collection came about from the idea of creating designs meant for wire wrapping and then applying them to thread. The process was quite interesting, considering that I didn't have a thread thin enough to emulate the designs properly. To solve this issue, the regular 1mm Linhasita thread that I regularly use was divided in half, allowing for smaller and more delicate designs. The four chosen Larimar cabochons are truly accentuated by the design around them. I love them, what do you think?

Coral Duet

Coral Duet

When our world evolves, things happen that sometimes we rather ignore. That idea happens in the social level as well as the personal level. One way to represent this concept is mixing deep sea and dry land, considering that what was once underwater for thousands of years is now under our feet as we walk on it. I convey this idea by mixing Coral with vines, leafs and cocoon-like settings for the stones. The result speaks for itself. And yes, it seems like I have a thing for spirals, as well as for nature.

I am currently working on five more collections, mostly Larimar stones, yet other stones have already been put aside for future designs and works. Most of them are necklaces, but I do have a few bracelets in the plans. I just have to get around to making them, even though I have found comfort in making neck pieces.

There is a lot going on here at the workshop. From new books and stories, collaborations, and even some surprises I rather not spoil just yet. More greatness to come your way so stay tuned for news and updates on these matters.

Irie bless!

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