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The New Dawn, a different kind of graphic novel

Ookami and the New Dawn

It's funny to consider that my first actual graphic novel was done through such unconventional means. To think that I didn't draw a single frame in the entire book is baffling to me. But not having drawn it doesn't change the fact that I created every single frame, manipulated the stage to have every picture be perfect and to really bring out the personalities of the characters, all while dealing with the limitations of hardware and software. It surely makes for a different kind of graphic novel, somewhere fresh to have your mind travel to.

The release was bound for June 6th, but it was delayed until this upcoming June 20th. I had to ensure the quality of the released product, and I'm well beyond satisfied with the final result.

This is certainly the closing of a chapter in my life, but also the first steps into something interesting. I don't know how long it'll take to really complete the whole trilogy but it will surely be a work of love and passion.

the ookami clan

It's also interesting to consider that I'm using "recycled" characters... At this point, it is already a spoiler on its own, but I just love the possibility to spend more time with these characters and have them interact in ways that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

To me, this is healing a great deal. It is the stepping stone to a deeper concept, a value that had eroded but is now restored and represented. It fills me with joy to see this through and to remember the struggle, the reason why this happened the way it did, the root, the teaching.

Let us rejoice together :)

Anyway, in case you're curious, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to read the webcomic, if you want to have at it before the book comes out. It is HERE for free, and if you enjoy it, consider purchasing the Hardcover Graphic Novel and add it to your collections, my dear madness philofiles.

Irie bless!

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I really admire the means you’ve used to tell these stories and genuinely curious how you evolve this with more tools to inspire others iin storytelling. I’m fond of character evolution as a medium authors can channel new found narratives from their own personal growth 🙌🏼 or new found knowledge.


Osvaldo Nadal
Osvaldo Nadal
Jun 19

The visuals and the storyline are really entertaining. It was definitely an unexpected goodie and was surprisingly appreciated. I'm looking forward to next releases


Dope my friend. Que gratificante leerte y que maravilla de trabajo. Enhorabuena, eres un artistazo

Logan M. Wolf
Logan M. Wolf
Jun 18
Replying to

Gracias bro, mucha locura en camino ^_^

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