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Newsletter #001


Welcome to the first of our new (hopefully weekly, but most likely by-weekly) Newsletter. This is a way to really force myself to give you updates on the projects and processes I'm going through with #theMadness that we all love so much. These will differ from other posts in that these will cover many topics of interest and give you a much clearer perspective on where we are in terms of work.

the community

So, after a lot of backstage work and preparation, I can finally say that The Community is Open. What does that mean?

For many years I've called you Madness Lovers, but now you actually have a chance to "Join the Family, earn Crystals and turn them into Rewards". With every dollar you spend you get 1 Crystal. Accumulate Crystals to get rewards like X% off from your order, free gifts, free classes and more!

Make sure to add your birthdate to your account for a gift! I will continue to add more rewards over time. All for your enjoyment.

Also by joining the community you get access to our exclusive forum, only for Madness Lovers. There you can stay in touch with your fellow Mad Ones, share your art or the art you admire. Just remember to always be respectful when posting or commenting.

If you joined the old community anytime before May 2024, you might want to sign up again, as that old prospect is no more.

On another note, I am currently working on the illustrations of my next independent publishing. It is scheduled to be released in October this year. It is called "7531" and it's a short stories book with an interesting twist to it. As I progress with the Illustrations, I'll share some of them with you all.

Continuing on the literary topic, I've chosen to do something interesting with the poetry published in my book "Dimensional". I'm going to be making a couple spoken poetry albums and recording some footage for y'all to ravel on. But at this point it's just an idea that needs polishing in the execution. So as it evolves, you will be on the know.

Thus far this is what we have, so remember to stay tuned for the next newsletter or regular blog post for that matter. We're determined to bringing this community together and hope you can find a worthy tribe among us. JOIN!

This is Logan, signing out and wishing you a wonderful week.

Irie bless!

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