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Square One

And we're back in the starting line. This race is nothing new, and we are ready for the path ahead. A new face for theMadness is here, with a new and improved website and layout, new pieces and more on the way, a new official store with lower prices, a more comfortable mobile layout, and lastly vast new ways to interact with theMadness.

This revival brings with it a no non-sense policy so to focus all our energy on creating the beautiful art pieces and stories you and I love so much. The hiatus was long, but we have healed and theMadness within is rampant.

The wait is over. Clases are officially open, freelance services are up and running, the workshop is anxious for action and creativity. Join me and my consequences through this journey and allow theMadness in your heart to manifest in this world.

Browse around the new website and surely you'll find something of your liking.

Irie Bless!

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