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Newsletter #002

Updated: 4 days ago

Hello, everyone!

This past week has been filled with work. Things moving things forward. All these "things" in the oven are really making my kitchen smell great, to be honest. But non of it is ready for any sort of preamp, so let's try something...

Today I’d like to take some time to introduce the team and also the Madness. This should be easy...


Hello! I am Logan, the team. Logan has many sides to him and they all work together to bring all the Madness he can muster for your experiencing pleasure. But, what is the Madness? you ask. Simple! The combination of the creative and the logical to make beautiful illogicals, the balance between the brain's hemispheres and the peace that comes with it. It is swimming confidently against the current with a storm on the horizon, and nonchalantly making it to the other side in time for tea. It is how I refer to the crazy ideas that lead to beautiful results. Long story short, #theMadness is everything you will find within this site.

It is truly a pleasure to have this space for all of you to mingle and enjoy. And there are many things to see and spots to visit. You see, the site is designed with you in mind, so your experience is smooth and exciting. Let me give you a small tour.

On arrival, you are greeted with the latest video in a long playlist of the works I create. The books, the Illustrations, the new collections, the exclusive merch and much more. Accompanying the playlist you will also find the newest article/blogpost, so you can jump right into it and read my latest rambles.

The menu is vast but resumed. Each section is well organized for easy browsing, with theMadman encompassing the Services, Courses, Contact and Stones, while in theMadness you have Books, Images and Jewelry. But there are many other pages of interest. Like Ookami with the Webcomic and the 8bit-Music.

There's also theFamily, your entrance to our small but tight community of creators, art lovers, thinkers and believers of theMadness. You'll have your own dedicated profile, manage your orders, get special deals and so much more. Just like every other area, the member's only areas have been optimized so that it is comfortable to browse on a computer as well as on your mobile phone.

the kicks

Within theStore you'll find the most exclusive pieces from my collections, the original illustrations from my books, prints of those illustrations and other merch items. I'm certain you'll find something in there that will surprise you. For example, did you know I have quality shoes with original designs for sale? How about the original t-shirts? The embroidered patches? Go and check them out!

The Books are sold on Amazon and other bookstores. Check out the dedicated area for them to know where can you find them.

While newslettering isn’t exactly my forte, I must admit I’m having fun with this process. It's not easy, but to some degree it is rewarding. This week's newsletter is coming out a bit late in the day, but that's just how it is sometimes. As I continue to curate content, the format of the newsletter will change accordingly.

In the meantime, thank you for reading this far. Remember to leave your thoughts down in the comments and stay tuned for more Madness to come.

Irie bless!

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Irie bleeessssss my bro. Thanks for the newsletter. I really like it and appreciate it

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